Hillhurst’s mission is to help and educate clients with their finances at reasonable costs and no matter where they are in life and their financial circumstances.  We recognize that people have various degrees of financial knowledge and financial resources.  Addressing that universe, we tailor our services to provide the cost-effective value you need to organize your finances, meet your goals, plan for your future and invest your assets to ultimately help you achieve the life you want.  We can do it all for you or we can help you manage your financial life on your own.  Whichever gives you the most financial peace of mind.  Our services range from a budget and savings plan to comprehensive personal financial planning and wealth management. We also offer family office services for high net worth individuals and their families with diverse financial and investment resources.  We have the experience to provide valuable personal financial services at all levels of income and net worth.

The foundation of our relationship and the basis for making financial recommendations is our personal financial plan.  We believe that personal financial and economic decisions cannot intelligently be made without a complete understanding of your entire financial circumstances.  We do not assess and make recommendations on any part of your financial life in a vacuum.  We need to understand you, your goals, and your complete financial circumstances. 

People have different perspectives, needs and goals at different stages of their lives.  Below are examples of how we can tailor our services and offer value to clients in different circumstances:

  1. Starting a career? –  Are you just out of college and starting a career? or are you only a few years into your career knowing you need to start saving for future goals and retirement? Do you wish your educational institutions had provided some real world financial planning training?  We can help you with services ranging from a budget and savings plan to a more comprehensive financial and investment plan depending on your resources and need.  You can invest on your own, have us available to validate your actions or have us  manage all your investing activities.  The point is we are flexible enough to tailor our services to what you need and to how much you want to participate.  Our process will teach you to be able to handle your finances on your own if that is your priority.
  2. Mid-career/starting or raising a family? – Are you accumulating assets, possibly some real estate, but too busy with your career to manage everything? Do you want to diversify your assets, review your asset protection strategy and have a more comprehensive understanding of what you need to achieve your goals and live the life you want?  Worried about education planning for your children and maybe the life insurance provided by your employer is not enough?  These are just examples of where can help.  We will tailor our services to incorporate a comprehensive review of your investment strategy, education funding, making sure you and your family have sufficient medical, property, liability and life insurance in place.  We will prepare a comprehensive personal financial plan to assess your current circumstances and advise you on a proper course of action.  We can also assist you in implementing our recommended changes and providing investment management services.
  3. Empty nesting and approaching retirement? Education expenses no longer an issue and kids coming off the payroll? Ready to have more experiences in your life but still need to save for retirement? Are you reviewing your bucket list and now have the time and the resources to check off a few more experiences?  We can assess your current financial circumstances to help you plan to reach your life goals while concurrently making sure you are sufficiently saving and investing your assets to achieve the life you want in retirement.
  4. Affluent/high net worth? – Are you financially successful in your career or business? Do you own multiple rental and vacation properties? Were you born into wealth or are so successful that you are considered ultra-high net worth? We have extensive experience servicing individuals and families with significant wealth.  We can help you perform due diligence on alternative investment funds for accredited and qualified investors.  We can also help you with family office type services or actually help you to build a family office.  We will work with your team of professionals or bring highly qualified resources to bear to assist you with, for example, generational wealth transfer, estate and philanthropic planning. Our goal is to make sure you and your family have all financial planning areas comprehensively assessed, recommendations executed and processes documented.
  5. Retirement? – Are you contemplating retirement or already retired?  Do you want to live an active life, complete your bucket list or travel?  Are you worried you won’t have the resources to accomplish your goals and live comfortably into your late 80’s and 90’s? We can help you assess your desired retirement lifestyle and goals vis-à-vis your resources and help you develop an achievable plan. We will also review your expenses and recommend areas and strategies to improve your cash flow.  Our comprehensive retirement planning services also include generational wealth transfer assistance and estate and philanthropic planning services.