About Us

Hillhurst Wealth Management LLC (“Hillhurst”) provides personal financial planning, investment advisory and wealth management services to anyone that may have the need for such services under any financial circumstances.   We tailor and price our services to provide you value and financial peace of mind whether you are at the beginning of your career or in retirement, whether you just need help developing a budget and savings/investment plan or you require complicated wealth management services.  We have the flexibility to offer the services you need and to integrate them into your  lifestyle considering both your financial acumen and your use of technology.  Our goal is to give you valuable services at a reasonable cost, manage your investments both cost and tax efficiently and educate you during the entire process.  We want to help you.

Hillhurst is licensed and regulated in the state of California as an investment advisor.

Why Hillhurst?

Experienced. Ethical. Responsive.

Hillhurst has extensive experience in all aspects of financial planning, investment management and wealth management that can be used to help you organize your financial life, meet your goals and plan for your future.  We can help you develop a savings and/or investment plan whether it be automated passive investing in low cost exchange-traded funds or more active investing in mutual funds and other publicly traded securities. For accredited and qualified investors, we have deep experience in performing due diligence on complicated privately-placed alternative investments.  We incorporate on-going tax planning in all aspects of your financial life.  For ultra-high net worth and family office clients our experiences range from accounting/bookkeeping services to managing your private jet use, whether owned or under partial jet ownership arrangements.  The point is, our wide experience and relationships can be brought to bear whether you are at the beginning of your career, in mid-career, raising a family, affluent, or in retirement.  We tailor our services to give value to any client in any financial circumstance.

As a CPA-owned firm, Hillhurst’s core values include strict adherence to professional ethics.  This is the foundation on which we build client trust.  Hillhurst’s license as an investment advisor also requires us to act in the best interests of our clients.  We do not sell products and therefore we earn no commissions.  We are compensated only by fees which are completely transparent to our clients.  We honor our fiduciary duty.  In our judgment we will always do the right thing for our clients.

We value and continuously hone our client responsiveness.  We want to be an integral part of your financial life and to us that means 24/7 availability.  We truly value face-to-face communication but to some clients and in many situations that is not the most efficient or effective way to convey information.  Hillhurst keeps abreast of the best technology to incorporate into our business to make accurate, real-time financial information increasingly accessible to our clients in any format and on any device including smartphones.  The result is timely, efficient financial decision-making.

Experienced. Ethical. Responsive.